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White Washed Wood

I teach people of all ages with all ranges of riding experiences

from beginners onward. Safety first! And safety comes with knowledge and confidence. We begin with groundwork to learn about horse behaviours and develop confidence and reciprocal respect between handler and horse - lessons that are then honed and reinforced in the saddle. And so important - we have fun learning this!


I train and help problem-solve 

through desensitizing the horse to gain confidence by trusting its humans and its environment. Everyday distractions are our training tools: bikes, strollers, noise makers, umbrellas, plastic bags, traffic. We learn to remedy unexpected problems too: fear of fly spray, pulling against cross-ties, resisting clipping, shying at water, refusing to load into a trailer or stand still for the farrier or vet.


Whether you ride or show dressage, western, trail, hunter/jumper or drive
- whatever your discipline, this good horsemanship applies to all!

I coach and help you develop effective riding skills.

You will learn to develop a balanced and independent seat, make your horse responsive to your aids, use your hands to guide your horse rather than balance yourself. You will develop essential “give and take” timing in a consistent way so that your horse understands the task at hand and is rewarded for responding appropriately.

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