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A better way for you and your horse

No matter what your riding discipline: trail riding, endurance, hunter/jumper, dressage - I can help you problem-solve. Does your horse shy? Bolt? Play hard to get when you want to bring him in from his paddock? Resist your leg? Refuse to tie or trailer? Show fear of bathing? Fidget (or worse) with the farrier or vet?


Understanding our and our horses’ behaviour is the deal maker. I want you and your horse to form a true partnership, to become a team. A team works together. And that takes a rethinking of what you likely have been taught in your past. A true partnership is formed through respectful and knowledgeable communication. And that means understanding and acknowledging how a horse thinks and reacts, and being open to modifying your own behaviour and reactions to achieve that two-way communication.


The reward? With patience and commitment, you will develop a bond with your horse which you perhaps never thought possible. I have seen some of my clients moved to tears when their horses learn to give up the “fight” or “flight,” a change which they themselves have been able to bring about through their dedication to the training methods I teach them. The horse is the centre of that training. And you are your horse’s perfect partner.

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